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Of false prophets and fake prophesies (1)

Of false prophets and fake prophesies (1)

A false prophet does not likely consider the phrase of God. He merely pretends that the phrase of God is necessary and symbolic.

Mike Ozekhome


Nigeria is crawling with prophets, seers, evangelists, soothsayers, pastors, reverend fathers, bishops, archbishops, imams, alfas, students, and so forth. A prophet is outlined as an impressed instructor or proclaimer of the phrase of God. Synonyms are seers, soothsayers, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, prognosticators, prophesiers, diviners, forecasters, astrologers, oracles, predictors, and so forth.

Earlier than Mbaka’s 2019 prophetic stones

Nevertheless, Nigeria is awash with many fake prophets that every day assail our sensibilities and set Nigerians on tenterhooks. The Bible noticed this forward, in Matthew 7: 15-23, when it warns: “Watch out for false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothes, however inwardly they’re ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do males collect grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so each good tree bringeth forth good fruit; however a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A superb tree can’t deliver forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree convey forth good fruit. Each tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and forged into the hearth. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not everybody that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the dominion of heaven; however he that doeth the desire of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy identify? And in thy identify have forged out devils? And in thy identify accomplished many fantastic works? After which will I profess unto them, I by no means knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Our main drawback is deciphering true prophets from fake ones, even whereas conceding there are real males and ladies of God that serve within the Physique of Christ. It’s to the Bible we’ve to search for answer. Who’re these false prophets that Christ warned us about? At occasions, we erroneously consider males and ladies of God from flawed prisms. Many in accordance with the dimensions of their ministries, their deep pockets, fame, attain, reputation, their endowment, or sure worldly and terrestrial presents, as an alternative of celestial wealth. The false prophets distract devotees with and compel individuals to look within the fallacious path for miracles of God, together with so-called revelations. These false prophets hypnotise individuals by reinterpreting, principally incorrectly, what God has already revealed to us within the holy books. They’ll persuade you that the Holy Bible is filled with secret mysteries and hidden mystic codes, which solely they’ve the “open-sesame” key to open or decipher. However the true secret is that there’s truly no secret (Isa. 45:19, 2 Pet. 1:19-20). God all the time means what He says and says what He means. He’s unchanging, omniscient, all-powerful, everlasting.( See Prov. 30:5-6 and Rev. 22:6). A false prophet does not likely consider the phrase of God. He merely pretends that the phrase of God is necessary and symbolic. He’s a pretender, a fraud, an impostor, a fake, an impersonator, counterfeiter, deceiver and sensible trickster.

To be continued.


Buhari, IGP and African sit-tightism

Africans like to take a seat tight in energy. It doesn’t matter what. To them, energy (although ephemeral) is an aphrodisiac, an inebriating liquor. Some Nigerians can’t perceive why President Buhari insists on protecting IGP Ibrahim Idris even after the expiration of his tenure by effluxion, in accordance with constitutional provisions and Civil Service Guidelines. However, many others completely perceive. They consider it’s to make him the engine room to perpetrate fraud through the February 2019 presidential election. They level to the Edo, Ekiti and Osun states governorship elections, all of which turned out to have been exercised beneath a fascist police state.


By January three, 2019, Idris would have accomplished his 35 years service as a public servant (police officer). He’s, subsequently, deemed to have retired mechanically. By January 15, he would have attained the statutory obligatory

retirement age of 60 years. Thus, each by organic age and longevity of service, Idris has come full circle to retirement.


By Civil Service Guidelines, an officer shall compulsorily retire from service if he has spent 35 years in service, or if he has turned 60 years, “whichever comes first”. third of January, 2019, comes first. To attend until January 15 is already unconstitutional as a result of the regulation says “whichever comes first”, not each.

Beneath part 215 (1) (a) of the 1999 structure, which PMB and Idris swore to defend, an IGP can solely be appointed from the corps of serving cops, not from retired ones. The part supplies laconically: “There shall be an Inspector-General of Police who, subject to section 216 (2) of the Constitution shall be appointed by the president on the advice of the Nigeria Police Council from among serving members of the Nigeria Police Force”. This part is just too clear to confess of any ambiguity. It says “from among serving members of the Nigeria Police Force”. The stated part 216 (2) above referred to offers that the NPF shall be beneath the command of the IGP, while Police in states shall be beneath a Commissioner of Police. From January three, 2019, Idris by effluxion of time, mechanically ceased to be a “serving member of the Nigeria Police Force”. Sporting the uniform of a police officer from that day is patently unconstitutional, unlawful and illegal. It quantities to impersonation and passing off. This can be a critical constitutional and statutory matter. It isn’t one for sentiments, emotion, political brinkmanship, or lachrymal effusion. Mr. President, sir, let IGP Idris go. There are equally different competent Nigerians. In any case, he was solely a Commissioner of Police in Kano State through the 2015 presidential election through which PMB “won” a landslide, nay, moon slide, of the votes. To pave means for Idris’s emergence as IGP, 21 serving officers, starting from CPs, AIGs, DIGs, to IGP, needed to be prematurely retired. In a single fell swoop! An entire of seven DIGs included. Nigeria, we hail thee.


Thought for the week

“The federal government ought to do its job. The federal government’s job is, in reality, to run the nation, to handle the nation, to control the nation. And governance is a vital factor, not software the place
it fits one so, to micro management the place it fits them then again.”

(Ratan Tata)


INEC, Zakari and unimaginable election

There was a lot hoopla about Mrs. Amina Zakari being made the top of the delicate collation centre, a division that offers with collation of leads to the forthcoming presidential election. Nigerians have identified the clear and current hazard of permitting Zakari to be current close to the counting or collation centre, she being a niece or cousin of Mr. President. She, nevertheless, denies any blood consanguinity. However Nigerians insist that PMB had his early childhood in Zakari’s father’s home. She is accused of being the main hyperlink between INEC and the Presidency.

Judges do recuse themselves in instances the place they’ve filial, consanguinous or pecuniary curiosity. How can a cockroach win a battle within the presence of lizards? How can Amina ever watch her uncle being pronounced loser in an election, whose outcomes she collates. Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, swears that Zakari is a blood relation of PMB, however her denial. He maintains that “Buhari’s sister who was married to a prominent Emir in Kazaure, in the present Jigawa State, gave birth to Amina”.

Notion is actuality. Whether or not or not Amina is actually a blood relation of PMB, she ought to be posted to a much less controversial seat. In any case, Nigerians had heaved a sigh of aid when she was posted to the well being sector unit of INEC, she, being a pharmacist by career.

In a December 27, 2018, article, Mohammed Haruna, an ex-ace columnist with Every day Belief and a present INEC commissioner, had written that PMB’s organic sister was as soon as married to Amina’s father. That makes Amina Buhari’s niece. By Oxford English Dictionary’s definition, a niece is “a daughter of one’s brother or sister, or one’s brother-in- law or sister-in-law”. Amina’s father, being Buhari’s brother-in-law, makes Amina Buhari’s niece.

It has additionally been contended that sooner or later, Buhari who had misplaced his father at a youthful age, got here underneath Amina’s father’s guardianship, i.e, the late Alhaji Hussaini Adamu, who was Emir of Kazaure, a nieghbourly city. Buhari, wrote Yakubu Mohammed, as PTF chairman, gave Amina a consultancy contract with Afri-Tasks Consortium (APC), “the sole manager of PTF projects”. She was additionally stated to have been nominated to INEC by PMB, when liberal GEJ requested for a reputation.

Equally, Amina’s organic brother, Alhaji Sulaiman Adamu, is claimed to be Buhari’s Minister of Water Assets. Concluded Haruna, “Amina’s brother, the Emir of Kazaure, whom I interviewed and interacted with in 1999, was Executive Secretary of PTF. Buhari gave him the job. Ambassador Kazaure, Buhari’s chief of protocol, is also a relative of Amina’s. Finally, as most people know by now, Amina’s mother is from Daura, Buhari’s home town. So, her ties with Buhari are pretty strong”.

Premium Occasions has since joined within the fray. It says the connection between Buhari and Amina is that of a step-uncle and a step-niece. Mrs. Zakari, it wrote, is a princess of Kazaure Emirate, Jigawa State. “She was born in 1960 to the family of the late Emir of Kazaure, Hussaini Adamu, also the father of the current Emir, Najib Adamu, and the current Minister of Water Resources, Sulaiman Adamu… Mr. Buhari’s elder sister was married to the late Emir, the father of Mrs Zakari… and spent part of his childhood in the palace, where her sister was married… the Elder Buhari raised Mrs Zakari, as well his younger brother, the Water Resources Minister…”, Premium Occasions squealed.

Whichever method one seems to be at it, as we are saying in African cosmology and cosmogony, “blood is thicker than water”. Mrs. Amina Zakari can’t be trusted with a delicate publish as one involving, and even remotely related with, collation or counting of outcomes. Even when she have been Angel Gabriel or Archangel Michael, she would bow to the flaming arrows of nepotism, favouritism and consanguinity. INEC ought to transfer her instantly to a different seat. And heavens won’t fall. In any other case, as a author satirically and sarcastically wrote, INEC ought to quite merely hand over the Certificates of Return to PMB and share the N189.2 billion to the about 180 million Nigerians, on the fee of about N1 billion per Nigerian. Then, everybody turns into a billionaire, and those that need to govern perpetually can go forward!

PMB at 76: Time for inventory taking

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