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MoA – Turkey Rejects New U.S. Syria Plan

MoA - Turkey Rejects New U.S. Syria Plan

January 08, 2019

Turkey Rejects New U.S. Syria Plan – Humiliates John Bolton

On Sunday Nationwide Safety Advisor John Bolton tried to set circumstances for a U.S. retreat from Syria:

Bolton, on a visit to Israel and Turkey, stated he would stress in talks with Turkish officers, together with President Tayyip Erdogan, that Kurdish forces have to be protected.

Requested whether or not a U.S. withdrawal wouldn’t happen in Syria till Turkey assured the Kurdish fighters can be protected, Bolton stated: “Basically, that’s right.”

“We don’t assume the Turks should undertake army motion that’s not absolutely coordinated with and agreed to by the USA at a minimal,” Bolton stated, “so they don’t endanger our troops, but also so that they meet the president’s requirement that the Syrian opposition forces that have fought with us are not endangered.”

Turkey was not amused. The YPG Kurds, which the U.S. makes use of in Syria as cannon fodder to battle the Islamic State, are the identical group because the PKK which acts as a terrorist group in Turkey. Turkey cannot permit that group to exist on its border as an organized army drive.

When Bolton landed in Turkey at the moment he acquired a really chilly welcome. The deliberate assembly with the Turkish President Erdogan didn’t happen. The assembly John Bolton, Joint Chief of Employees Joe Dunford and Syria envoy James Jeffrey held with the Turkish Nationwide Safety Advisor Ibrahim Kalin was downgraded and took lower than two hours. A deliberate joint press convention was canceled.

The U.S. delegation didn’t look glad, and even united, when it left the presidential compound in Ankara.

by way of Vivian Salaman – greater

Shortly after Bolton’s assembly Erdogan held a speech to his parliament group. It was a slap in Bolton’s face. By way of Raqip Solyu:

Erdogan says he can’t settle for or swallow the messages given by US Nationwide Safety Advisor Bolton in Israel.

Erdoğan, “YPG/PKK are terrorists. Some say ‘don’t touch them because they are Kurds’. This is unacceptable. Everyone can be a terrorist. They could be Turkmans. Their ethnicity doesn’t matter. Bolton made a big mistake by his statements”

Erdogan on the Syria coverage chaos in Washington: “As it happened in the past, despite our clear agreement with Trump on US withdrawal from Syria, different voices started to come out from different levels of the American administration.”

Erdogan says Turkey continues to depend on Trump’s view on Syria and his decisiveness on the pullout. “We, largely, completed our military preparations against ISIS in accordance with our agreement with Trump”

“Saying that Turkey targets Syrian Kurds, which is a lie itself, is the lowest, most dishonorable, ugliest, most banal slander ever” Erdogan added.

Erdogan’s communication director gave the final kick:

Fahrettin Altun @fahrettinaltun – 14:17 utc – eight Jan 2019
U.S. Nationwide Safety Adviser @AmbJohnBolton held talks together with his Turkish counterpart @ikalin1 on the Presidential Complicated in Ankara at this time.

I hope that he obtained a style of the world well-known Turkish hospitality throughout his go to.

An editorial within the Erdogan aligned Every day Sabah referred to as Bolton’s concepts a smooth coup towards Trump.

And with that, Bolton was humiliated and the difficulty of the U.S. retreat from Syria kicked again to Trump.

We’ve got seen an analogous scheme in U.S. negotiations with North Korea. Trump made a 4 step cope with Kim Jong Un. Then the borg in type of Secretary of State Pompeo tried to vary the deal, and demanded that North Korea fulfills step 4 earlier than the U.S. will take the first step, two and three. When he then flew to North Korea he was ignored by Kim Jong Un and solely met with decrease degree employees. It required Trump’s intervention to maintain the talks alive.

Erdogan likewise had a cope with Trump concerning the U.S. retreat from Syria. Bolton tried to vary the deal, so as to add circumstances and to delay the timeline. When he arrived in Ankara he was not solely ignored by Erdogan, however scolded. It’ll require Trumps intervention to deliver the difficulty again onto its tracks.

If Trump doesn’t transfer, Erdogan is more likely to search a army escalation. His military will in all probability hearth artillery on this or that Kurdish place close to the Turkish border. It might even invade a number of cities. Not essentially to carry them, however to extend the strain on the U.S. occupation pressure.

Turkey initially deliberate to first take Manbij on the western aspect of the Euphrates. However Manbij is blocked by Syrian troops, now strengthened by Russian army police patrols. Erdogan won’t dare to assault them.

Erdogan needs the U.S. to go away Syria and to take with it the arms it handed to the YPG to battle ISIS. He needs the Syrian authorities to retake northeast Syria and to convey the Kurds beneath management. That might remove the hazard to Turkey.

Since Trump introduced that U.S. troops would quickly depart Syria the battle towards the remaining ISIS forces close to the Iraqi border elevated in tempo. ISIS’ territorial maintain is now down to 2 or three villages. Sunday night time it used one other spat of dangerous climate on account of which the U.S. air drive couldn’t present air help to the Kurdish led proxy drive that fights ISIS. An ISIS counter assault ensued and killed some 25 of the U.S. supported forces. This was probably the final vital battle for ISIS. The Islamic State is down to some hundred fighters who haven’t any strategy to escape. They are going to be bombed to smithereens.

In Idleb governorate al-Qaeda aka Hayat Tahrir al Sham continues to consolidate its maintain. It issued a number of ultimatums to Ahrar al-Sham and different ‘average insurgent’ teams that also maintain elements of the world. When it’s completed with the elimination of its competitors it’ll probably shell Aleppo metropolis and assault the Syrian authorities strains. That may restart the conflict over Idleb.


The final time the Syrian authorities deliberate to cleanse Idleb of the Jihadis, the U.S. intervened and threatened to assault the Syrian military. Russia cast the Astana settlement underneath which Turkey agreed to remove HTS. It failed to satisfy its promise. The Syrian military is thus free to unravel the issue.

However what is going to the White Home do? Will Bolton (ought to he nonetheless be NSA by then) press for defending al-Qaeda? Will Trump comply with that?

Posted by b on January eight, 2019 at 11:47 AM | Permalink

As soon as once more it raises the query – who’s in control of the White Home? Our Nice Chief seems to be a spineless, confused, coward.

Posted by: mike okay | Jan eight, 2019 11:59:10 AM | 1

Bolton had dinner with Trump on his return, however just one scoop of ice cream.

Posted by: Fec | Jan eight, 2019 12:07:12 PM | 2

Hold your mates shut, and your enemies nearer…

Posted by: c1ue | Jan eight, 2019 12:10:59 PM | three

Rand Paul will publish a scathing indictment of Bolton and the neocons… when he stops laughing.

Posted by: Fec | Jan eight, 2019 12:13:50 PM | four

Erdo needed to show Bolton into sandwiches, however he’d handcuffed himself to a basic.

Posted by: Fec | Jan eight, 2019 12:19:20 PM | 5

Within the distance I hear the sound of keyboard artists hammering out the newest ingenious rationalization of how this all proves that Erdogan and the neo-cons (secretly allied)are about to betray the Russians and invade Syria so as to fulfill Israeli aims.
Such theories ought to distract no one from the significance of this affirmation that the US goes to withdraw its penny packets of weak troops. And that the UK and France can be following go well with too. And the Iraqi parliament is just not going to supply them extra snug billets in Iraq both.

Posted by: bevin | Jan eight, 2019 12:26:33 PM | 6

Posted by: mike okay | Jan eight, 2019 11:59:10 AM | 1

Our Nice Chief seems to be a spineless, confused, coward.
Nah, he is a fucking genius grifter enjoying Bolton and the opposite neo-cons like no-one else might. And in addition shitting on the Democrats by conning them into aligning themselves intently with the neo-con scum. I am nonetheless anticipating Trump to be a full two-time period president with higher overseas-coverage chops than any of his predecessors since FDR.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jan eight, 2019 12:27:53 PM | 7

The Turk vs Syrian military can be fascinating.

Posted by: Don Activity | Jan eight, 2019 12:29:40 PM | eight

“On Friday, a State Division official stated “(w)e have no timeline for our military forces to withdraw from” the nation. Delay might develop into under no circumstances.

On Sunday, a senior Iraqi parliamentarian stated

“(t)he Americans have built a military base in Erbil (in) the Iraqi Kurdistan region to use…against Iraq’s neighboring countries, in particular Iran and Syria.”

Iraqi media stated the Pentagon has 14 army bases within the nation – together with a reported 18 in Syria. The US is very unlikely to desert them, particularly ones thought-about most strategically necessary.

An earlier report indicated the Pentagon intends establishing a everlasting base alongside the Iraqi border with Syria. Turkey reportedly established a number of army bases in northwestern Aleppo.

On Saturday, a senior Trump regime official stated US forces might stay indefinitely on the (illegally established) al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria close to the Iraqi and Jordanian borders…”

Posted by: ninel | Jan eight, 2019 12:31:29 PM | 9

It is so rattling apparent! You both do it the US method or under no circumstances, or, we’ll blow you to items!

Posted by: William Bowles | Jan eight, 2019 12:33:05 PM | 10

Sooo satisfying to examine that asswipe Bolton getting the smackdown he so completely deserves from Erdogan and the Turkish authorities. Bolton appears so silly and clueless, i.e. to arrogantly fly to Turkey and begin telling them what they will or can’t do to the YPG. Egads what an ass clown.

Posted by: Deschutes | Jan eight, 2019 12:45:49 PM | 11

thanks for the overview b! it will appear that erdogan and russia are aligning very properly at this time limit.. the usa and it is poodles have been sidelined… bolton appears like a idiot, however he’s good pals with netanyahu and that’s all that issues to him in all probability… i’m positive the usa goes to prepare dinner up one thing, as they’ve been the prime driver for eliminating assad and supporting as they are saying – the syrian opposition…

Posted by: james | Jan eight, 2019 12:47:41 PM | 12

Very vital progress report, b. It is beaut that Trump’s dealings with some main world leaders seem to have earnt the respect of different leaders. It is also ‘fascinating’ that Erdogan determined that if he is not speaking to Trump then he is not speaking to the USG. It will develop into the New Regular, imo.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan eight, 2019 12:56:18 PM | 13

reply to:
“… not speaking to Trump then he is not speaking to the USG. This can grow to be the New Regular, imo.
Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan eight, 2019 12:56:18 PM | 13
I agree, that appears to be the mindset of the brand new Mexican govt as properly. I’m wondering if Putin might have whispered in Edogran’s ear in help of this strategy?

Posted by: frances | Jan eight, 2019 12:59:54 PM | 14

“Turkey[…] Humiliates John Bolton”

Is it even attainable to humiliate a sociopath with zero morals?

Posted by: Dick Lenning | Jan eight, 2019 1:08:04 PM | 15

It is amusing that Trump gave the “Israeli’s” AND the Neocons sufficient rope to hold themselves they usually might hardly wait to shove their heads within the noose and bounce…

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan eight, 2019 1:11:08 PM | 16

Fascinating article on Russia and Iran’s response to Trump’s introduced troop withdrawal from Syria.

The gist of the article, lengthy however nicely value a learn, is that the troop withdrawal itself, even when it does undergo, is overhyped and that American coverage relating to Syria and the area stays primarily unchanged.

It will get into rather more element however right here is an excerpt:

But, when geopolitics and regional safety are thought-about, many Iranian and Russian officers are skeptical concerning the withdrawal and don’t see it as a big shift in Washington’s Syria technique. This in all probability explains why Iran’s Supreme Chief Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani have kept away from commenting on the plan thus far. The chief of employees for the armed forces of the Islamic Republic, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, argues that given the huge US presence within the area, the Syria pullout is not any coverage reversal. In Russia additionally, Overseas Minister Sergey Lavrov has forged doubt on the implementation of President Donald Trump’s order.

Posted by: Daniel | Jan eight, 2019 1:12:50 PM | 17

Each king has a jester. In Trump’s case, he has three: Pompeo, Bolton and Haley.

Posted by: Fec | Jan eight, 2019 1:14:26 PM | 18

I informed youse that going to Israel first was a mistake; placing on these goggles and “rubbing their thighs” over a 3D take a look at the brand new temple and a memento kippah obtained them.

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Jan eight, 2019 1:26:03 PM | 19

Am all the time amazed to see how tiny Bolton is in comparison with then different adults. If he do not have a mustache, he might move for an early adolescent. Sadly for us, his conduct like his stature, is that of a troubled teen.
A draft dodger (Nationwide Guard) throughout Viet Nam who blames peace activists for the US’s incapability to prevail, he has devoted his life to stopping peace from ever breaking out once more.
I do not perceive why Trump, given his platform of army disengagement, nominated him or tolerates his flagrant usurpation of energy.

Posted by: CD Waller | Jan eight, 2019 1:29:01 PM | 20

@6 bevin

All very good however what concerning the rickety bridge behind this fantasy?


He [Erdogan] needs the Syrian authorities to retake northeast Syria and to deliver the Kurds underneath management. That may remove the hazard to Turkey.

Gee, I positive want to see a hyperlink to a quote the place Erdo particularly says that! There is a distinction between being positive of what Erdo needs and quoting him on it.

I am not shopping for your interpretation of what Trump needs from NK and I am not shopping for that Trump needed to withdraw and depart every thing as much as Erdo, Putin and Assad. It simply does not fly.

Trump ALWAYS needs an excessive amount of. Take a look at what he is doing with China, take a look at how he is grinding in his heels on the Shutdown, even after dropping the Home, he needs what he needs and he’ll lie and cheat to get it. Do you additionally purchase that hundreds of terrorists are coming in via the southern U.S. border? I Do not assume so!

All this vacillating, posturing and kabuki theater by Trump means one factor: he was by no means critical concerning the pull-out in Syria or Iraq, he’s and all the time might be within the Zionist camp, his aim is to include Iran not solely with the sanctions, however in and thru Syria and he is not going to provide an inch on the Zionist agenda to include Syria’s protection techniques, and use Israel to assault Iran’s positions repeatedly, and fulfill the Saudis as properly of their Syria aspirations. He’ll make the bottom fertile for Israel and GCC continued interventionist operations. So ask your self how he plans to perform that with none U.S. help? Putin has already confirmed he is restricted in his response to Israeli army intrusion. Some type of management might be sought by no matter means vital even false flag.

Once more, Trump by no means provides in, he did not give in to Zionist/Neocon strain as a result of he was all the time on board, in any other case, he would not have given an inch even to them. It isn’t in his nature! So, that is an evolving ruse that Trump has been in on from the beginning. …Subsequent part of the marketing campaign in Syria will take form with or with out Erdo on board.

Posted by: Circe | Jan eight, 2019 1:30:31 PM | 21


That’s straightforward, Netanyahu.

Posted by: BraveNewWorld | Jan eight, 2019 1:36:19 PM | 22

To set circumstances to Turkey, and from Israel on prime of that, was not a really clever technique to say the least.

Posted by: Jean | Jan eight, 2019 1:38:24 PM | 23

Only a considered Idlib on the finish of b’s article; Al-Nusra was/is supported and armed by Israel and Al-Quaeda by Saudi Arabia if my reminiscence serves me. The amount of arms dumps discovered close to Daa’raa and the Golan (each US and Israeli arms) are large. Presumably they’re stll being provided by the identical individuals as earlier than. So I might anticipate “Al Quaeda” to advance in the direction of SAA strains round Idlib province pretty quickly.- as b says. This could possibly be the “next” part Trump referred to.

Israel, for it is half will proceed to seek out methods to assault Syria (Gov.). A method they’ve already used is to “hide” behind US planes, flying a provide route from Jordan after which turning left at Tanf. (Used to assault “Iranians” close to Palmyra, actually SAA). similar concept as later used within the downing of the Russian jet, plus the in all probability goal of their “Christmas” assault. That is probably another reason why the US will need to hold Al-Tanf. Notably as there was the thought floated that they’ll proceed to maintain air-management over east Syria. Air assaults on Deir Ezzor could possibly be then be repeated.

Though the “Kurds” are talked about because the forces in SE Syria, there are a selection of ex-ISIS and different turncoats that joined the SDF within the south, who’re usually not talked about. Some maps revealed on Twitter and so forth. solely present the Rojava space as Kurdish and the Southern a part of the east Euphrates both as “empty” or ISIS held. ie A lot of the frontier with Iraq. The Kurds didn’t have the lads out there to carry this territory neither did they’ve the motive.
So the world that the Kurds need, and that the Turks don’t need them to have is the northern a part of the east Euphrates space. What of the opposite bit? Held by re-turncoat ISIS/SDF members as the idea for a brand new terrorist homeland? I do not know, however the “oversight” appears to be deliberate.

Posted by: stonebird | Jan eight, 2019 1:44:06 PM | 24

I nonetheless keep that the US&Co. are in one of the best place in 30 years!

Posted by: Chevrus | Jan eight, 2019 2:08:52 PM | 25

b: We have now seen an analogous scheme in U.S. negotiations with North Korea… It required Trump’s intervention to maintain the talks alive.

However Trump’s “intervention” hasn’t accomplish something.

Simply as USA hand-wringing hasn’t stopped them from supporting the Saudi and UAE genocide in Yemen.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

Remind me once more why Trump introduced the “immediate” troop “pull out”. Oh yeah ‘trigger he needed to satisfy his election guarantees. 22 months earlier than the subsequent election. I keep in mind the dreamers leaping for glee and telling us that the 2020 Presidential election had begun.

So Trump had 22 months to tug out the troops in an “very orderly, very deliberate” means, however he selected to antagonize and disrespect Mattis as an alternative. Oh, after which look silly as he walked it again.

OR, perhaps, PERHAPS, it might contemplate the likelihood that Trump’s announcement was merely positioning himself earlier than the Israeli Christmas assault?!?!?! It is kinda an essential challenge as a result of if a ff was meant, it is doubtless that there will probably be different makes an attempt to get it proper.

No settlement with the Turks signifies that USA has to remain to guard the Kurds.

It isn’t Bolton that appears silly. It is his boss: for hiring him, and for backing away from the troop withdrawal.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan eight, 2019 2:15:54 PM | 26

@ 26

Unsure Trump had a lot selection. Adelson and the Mercers needed Bolton and the Koch Bros. needed Pompeo.

Posted by: Fec | Jan eight, 2019 2:22:42 PM | 27

I feel they (US/Turkey) will handle this, in any case, that is the turks which have tried to cancel russian s400 cope with Russia simply to get a greater deal by the US. Simply wait and see.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan eight, 2019 2:28:26 PM | 28

stonebird @24–

HTS, al-Nursa, al-Ciada, are all one and the identical group having altered the brand a number of occasions to keep away from being labeled the terrorist group they’re, and are supported by the identical nations since their inception within the late 1970s. (Truly, the concept–Demise Squads–was shaped a lot earlier.) You could recall how a corporation referred to as the Pink Brigades was utilized in Europe in the course of the Chilly Conflict or find out about NATO’s Gladio cells. They’re all primarily the identical factor working beneath the aegis of the identical master–the Outlaw US Empire: The Nice Devil.

HTS is already being attacked by RuAF inside Idlib. SAA forces are additional massing for the postponed Idlib Daybreak assault. Assad can’t permit any additional terrorization of Aleppo’s civilians or struggling of loyal Syrians inside Idlib. The current assembly between the Russian and American Basic Staffs may have delivered the Russian/Syrian place straightforwardly–Keep out of our method so you aren’t getting harm. Bolton’s Turkish remedy additionally reinforces that message to US Army. SAA’s rank & file are greater than able to rout HTS and end liberating their nation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan eight, 2019 2:29:19 PM | 29

@25 Chevrus.. i’m curious if you wish to elaborate in your viewpoint.. thanks…

Posted by: james | Jan eight, 2019 2:34:41 PM | 30