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From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends

From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends
[This analysis was written for the Unz Review]

The yr 2018 will go down in historical past as a turning level within the evolution of the geostrategic surroundings of our planet.  There are various causes for that and I gained’t listing all of them, however listed here are some of those which I personally think about crucial ones:

The Empire blinked.  A number of occasions.

That is in all probability the only most necessary improvement of the yr: the AngloZionist Empire issued all types of scary threats, and took some even scarier precise steps, however ultimately it had to again down.  In reality, the Empire is in retreat on many fronts, however I’ll solely listing a few essential ones:

  1. The DPRK: keep in mind all of the grandiose threats made by Trump and his Neocon handlers?  The Administration went so far as saying that it will ship as many as THREE(!) nuclear plane service strike teams to the waters off the DRPK whereas Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea.  Ultimately, the South Koreans determined to take issues in their very own arms, they opened a direct channel of communications with the North, and all of the US sabre-rattling became nothing greater than scorching air.
  2. Syria in April: that was the time when the US, France and the UK determined to assault Syria with cruise missiles to “punish” the Syrians for allegedly utilizing chemical weapons (a concept too silly to be even value discussing).  Of 103 detected missiles, 71 have been shot down by the Syrians.  The White Home and the Pentagon, together with their trusted Ziomedia, declared the strike a nice success, however then, additionally they did that in the course of the invasion of Grenada (one of the worst assault operation in army historical past) or after the humiliating defeat of Israel by Hezbollah in 2006, so this actually means little or no.  The reality is that this operation was a complete army failure and that it has not been adopted up by something (no less than for now).
  3. The Ukraine: we spend virtually all of 2018 ready for an Ukronazi assault on the Donbass which by no means occurred.  Now, I’m fairly positive that some will argue that the Nazi junta in Kiev by no means had any such intentions, however anyone with even a primary information of what occurred within the Ukraine this yr is aware of that that is pure bull: the junta did just about the whole lot to execute an assault besides the final step: to truly order it.  Putin’s open menace that any such assault would have “grave consequences for Ukraine’s statehood as such” in all probability performed a key position in deterring the Empire.  Oh positive, the Ukronazis may properly assault in January or any time after that, however the reality is that in 2018 they didn’t dare achieve this.  But once more, the Empire (and its minions) had to again down.
  4. Syria in September: this time, it was the Israeli hypostasis of the Empire which triggered a large disaster when the Israelis hid their strike plane behind a Russian Il-20 giant turboprop airliner ensuing within the loss of the plane and crew.  After giving the Israelis a probability to come clear (which, predictably, they didn’t – they’re, in any case, Israelis), the Russians received fed up and delivered superior air protection, digital warfare and battle administration methods to the Syrians.  In response the Israelis (who had issued many threats about instantly destroying any S-300 delivered to the Syrians) had to principally cease their air strikes towards Syria (properly, not fairly, they did execute two such strikes: one completely ineffective one and one through which the Zionist crazies once more hid behind an plane, however on this case, nobody however TWO civilian plane (extra about this newest ziocrazy stunt additional under).  The Empire backed down once more.
  5. Syria in December: apparently fed up with all of the infighting amongst his advisors, Trump ultimately ordered a full US withdrawal from Syria.  Now, of course, since that is the USA, we have now to wait and see what truly occurs.  There’s additionally a very complicated kabuki dance being executed by Russia, Turkey, the US, Israel, Iran, the Kurds and the Syrians to stabilize the state of affairs following a full US withdrawal.  After all of the years of huffing and puffing about how “Assad The Monster must go” it’s fairly amusing to see how the western powers are throwing in towels one after the opposite.  This additionally begs the apparent query: if “The City On The Hill And Sole Superpower On The Planet, The Leader Of The Free World and the Indispensable Nation” can’t even cope with a weakened Syrian authorities and army, what can this army efficiently do (in addition to present Hollywood blockbusters to a gullible US public)?
  6. Numerous smaller defeats: too many to rely, however they embrace the Khashoggi fiasco, the failure of the struggle in Yemen, the failure of the struggle in Afghanistan, the failure of the conflict in Iraq, the failure to take away Maduro from energy in Venezuela, and the gradual loss of management over an growing quantity of EU nations (Italy), Nikki Haley’s ridiculous antics at the united states, the lack to collect up the mental assets wanted to have a actual, productive, assembly with Vladimir Putin, the disastrous business conflict with China, and so forth.  What all these occasions have in widespread is that they’re a outcome of the lack of the US to get something achieved, really finished.  Removed from being a actual superpower, the USA is in a full-spectrum decline and the primary factor which nonetheless provides it its superpower standing are its nuclear weapons, identical to Russia within the 1990s.

All the interior issues ensuing from the infighting of the US elites (roughly: the Clinton gang vs Trump and his Deplorables) solely make issues worse.  Simply the apparently by no means ending sequence of resignations and/or firing from the Trump Administration is a essential signal of the superior state of collapse of the US polity.  Elites don’t struggle one another when all goes properly, they achieve this when every little thing goes south.  The saying “victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan” reminds us that when a gang of thugs begins to lose management of a state of affairs, it quickly turns into an “every man for himself”, everyone blames everyone for the issues and no one needs to keep anyplace close to those that will go down in historical past because the pathetic losers who screwed the whole lot up.

As for the US armed forces, they’ve been tremendously profitable in killing a very great amount of individuals, as all the time, principally civilians, however they failed to get something truly executed, at the least not if one understands that the aim of conflict isn’t just to kill individuals, however is the “continuation of politics by different means“.  Let’s examine and distinction what Russia and the US did in Syria.

On October 11th, Putin declared the next in an interview with Vladimir Soloviev on the TV channel Russia 1: “Our goal is to stabilize the reputable authority and create circumstances for a political compromise“.  That’s it. He didn’t say that Russia would single-handedly change the course of the warfare, a lot much less so win the conflict.  The (very small!) Russian activity pressure in Syria achieved these unique aims in simply a few months, one thing which the Axis-of-Kindness couldn’t obtain in years (and the Russians did that with a small fraction of the army capabilities out there to the US/NATO/EU/CENTCOM/Israel within the area.  Actually, the Russians even had to shortly create a resupply system which they didn’t have as a result of of the purely defensive Russian army posture (Russian energy projection is usually restricted beneath 500-1000km from the Russian border).

As compared, the USA has been preventing a so-called GWOT (International Conflict on Terror) since 2001 and all it may possibly present is that the terrorists (of numerous demonstrations) solely acquired stronger, took management of extra land, murdered extra individuals, and usually appeared to present a exceptional capability to survive and even develop in spite of (or thanks to) the GWOT.  As Putin would say, what would you anticipate from “individuals who don’t know the distinction between Austria and Australia“?

Personally, I might anticipate them to take full credit score for the victory and depart.

Which is strictly what the USA has finished.

A minimum of that’s what they’re saying now.  This might change 180 diploma once more.

As for Afghanistan, the USA spent extra time there than the Soviets did.  Does that no strongly recommend that the US leaders are *much more* incompetent than the “stagnation” period Soviet gerontocrats?

The failure to subdue and even include Russia

Putin’s speech on March 1st to the Russian Federal Meeting was really a historic second: for the primary time because the Empire determined to wage conflict on Russia (a struggle which is roughly 80% informational, 15% financial and solely 5% kinetic however which may flip 95% kinetic in a single hour or so!) the Russians determined to brazenly warn the USA that their technique has been comprehensively defeated.  You assume that that is hyperbole?  Assume once more.  What’s US army energy based mostly on?  What are it’s essential elements?

  • Airpower (air supremacy)
  • Lengthy-range standoff weapons (ballistic and air-breathing)
  • Plane carriers
  • Anti-missile protection (no less than in principle!)
  • 800-1000 (depends upon the way you rely) bases worldwide

The deployment of what are with none doubt probably the most refined air-defense methods on the earth supported what are additionally in all probability probably the most formidable digital warfare (EW) capabilities at present in existence have now have now created what the US/NATO commanders refer to as a “Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD)” functionality which, so do these US/NATO commanders say, can pop-up over the Baltic Sea, over the Japanese Mediterranean, the Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere (may present up on the La Orchila island in Venezuela in 2019).  Moreover, in qualitative phrases Russian tactical airpower is newer and at the very least equal, if not superior, to something in US or NATO tactical plane holdings.  Whereas the West basically, and particularly the USA, have a a lot bigger quantity of plane, they’re principally of the older generations, and numerous encounters between Russian and US multirole plane within the Syrian skies have proven that US pilots favor to depart when Russian Su-35S present up.

The deployment (already in 2018!) of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile has principally made the complete US floor fleet ineffective for an assault towards Russia.  Be it the plane carriers and even numerous destroyers, cruisers, amphibious assault ships, (principally ill-fated) littoral fight ships, transport ships, and so on. – they now are all sitting geese which the Russians can blow out of the water irrespective of any air-defenses these ships, o or their escorts, may need.

Likewise, the deployment of the super-heavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic just like the Sarmat and the Avangard hypersonic glide car have made all of the US anti-ballistic missile efforts utterly ineffective.  Let me repeat this: ALL of the US ABM efforts, together with the billions spent on analysis and improvement, have now been rendered utterly ineffective.

[Sidebar: it is crucial to make clear one thing right here: none of the brand new Russian weapon techniques present any means to shield Russian from a US nuclear (or typical) strike.   “All” they do is to make darn positive that the US leaders are by no means underneath the phantasm they’ve been pursuing since Reagan’s “Star Wars”, i.e. that they might one way or the other escape a Russian 2nd-strike (counter-strike) retaliatory functionality if it determined to strike Russia.  In fact, even with out the Sarmat or the Avanguard, Russia already had greater than sufficient missiles (land, air and sea based mostly) to  wipe-out the USA in case of a retaliatory counter-strike, however the US politicians and pressure planners started pursuing this pipe-dream of anti-ballistic missile protection in spite of the truth that it was slightly clear that such a system couldn’t work (a few “leakers” is perhaps acceptable with typical weapons, however a few “nuclear leakers” are greater than sufficient to extract a horrible worth from any attacker delusional sufficient to assume that a 90% and even 98% efficient “shield” is sufficient of a safety to danger attacking a nuclear superpower).  So you may say that these new Russian capabilities (together with the brief(er) vary Iskander tactical missiles) are a sort of “delusion destroyer” or a “reality reminder” who will burst the bubble of US illusions concerning the dangers of a warfare towards Russia.  Hopefully, they may by no means have another use.]

Lastly, the deployment of a new era of superior and really lengthy vary standoff missiles by Russia has given Russia the large “reach” benefit of having the ability to strike any US goal (be it a army pressure or a base) worldwide, together with in america (which now’s virtually by no means talked about within the western media).

Now take a take a look at the listing of key elements of US army energy above and see that it has all been reworked into, principally, junk.

What we have now right here is a classical state of affairs by which, on one aspect, one nation’s drive planners made elementary, strategic miscalculations which immediately outlined what sort of army pressure the nation would have for no less than two, probably three, many years, whereas, on the opposite aspect, the pressure planners made the right selections which allowed them to defeat a army drive whose army finances is roughly ten occasions greater.  Probably the most extreme consequence of this state of affairs for the USA is that it’ll now take on the very least a decade (or extra!) to reformulate a new drive planning technique (trendy weapons techniques typically take many years to design, develop and deploy).  The ill-fated Zumwalt, the F-35, the Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) plane service – these are all obscene examples on how to spend billions of dollars and be left with main weapon methods disasters which solely additional weaken the US armed forces.

There’s a easy purpose why the USA turned a superpower within the 20th century: not solely was the US mainland protected by large oceans, all of WWI and WWII have been fought distant from the USA: all of the potential rivals of the USA had their nationwide economies utterly destroyed whereas the USA didn’t even lose a single manufacturing unit or analysis/design bureau.  Then the USA might use its immense industrial powerbase to principally present a world-wide market with items which solely the USA might constructed and ship.  And but, in spite of such large benefits, the US spend virtually all its historical past beating up one defenseless nation after one other to guarantee full submission and compliance with the calls for of Uncle Shmuel (the AngloZionist variant of Uncle Sam).  A lot for being “indispensable” I suppose…

Thanks to the globalists, the US industrial base is gone.  Thanks to the Neocons and their vanity, the US is in a single type of battle or one other with most of the important thing nations on the planet (particularly if we ignore the existence of US-supported and run comprador elites).  The infinitely dumb and self-defeating submission of the US to Israel has now resulted in a state of affairs the place the USA is dropping management of the oil-rich Center-East it used to run for many years.  Lastly, by selecting to attempt to submit each Russia and China to the desire of the Empire, the Neocons have succeeded in pushing these two nations into a de-facto alliance (actually a symbiotic relationship) which, removed from isolating them, isolates the USA from “where it is happening” in phrases of financial, social and political developments (firstly, the Eurasian landmass and the OBOR challenge).

2019 prospects for the Empire: issues, issues and much more issues

Nicely, 2018 was an exceptionally nasty and harmful yr, however 2019 might show much more harmful for the next causes:

  • Until the USA modifications political course and provides up on the suicidal russophobia of Obama and Trump, a army confrontation between Russia and the USA is inevitable.  Russia has retreated so far as she probably can, there’s nowhere else to retreat and she or he subsequently gained’t.  There isn’t a doubt in my thoughts in any respect that if the US had truly focused Russian models in Syria (which, apparently, Bolton needed however Mattis, apparently, categorically rejected), the Russians would have counter-attacked not solely towards the US missiles, but in addition towards their carriers (particularly ships).  I’ve it from a trusted supply that on the night time of the assault, the Russian MiG-31Okay with the Kinzhal missile have been within the air prepared to strike.  Thank God (and, probably, thank Mattis) this didn’t occur.  However as I stated in my article “Every click brings us closer to a bang!” every time WWIII doesn’t occur following a US strike on Syria this emboldens the Neocons to attempt but as soon as extra, particularly since “Assad The Monster Must Go” stays in energy in Damascus whereas one after the one every western politician which decreed that Assad should go, goes himself.
  • It’s fairly apparent that Israel has gone completely, terminally and, probably, suicidally insane.  Their little stunt with the Russian Il-20 was already a catastrophe of immense proportions which, in a regular nation, would have resulted within the speedy resignation of the complete Cupboard.  However not in Israel.  After hiding behind a Russian army turboprop, they now determined to cover from the Syrian S-300 by hiding behind two civilian plane!    See for your self:
  • I don’t assume that it’s value pondering right here that Israel is the final brazenly racist state on the planet, or that the Israeli leaders are evil, immoral, insane and usually batshit loopy maniacs.  That you simply both understood for your self or you’re hopeless.  What’s necessary right here is just not how evil the Israelis are, however how silly and completely reckless they’re.  Merely put, that is how this works: the Israelis are evil, silly and utterly delusional, however they personal each single US politician which signifies that regardless of how insane and egregious the actions of the Israelis could be, the “indispensable nation” will *all the time* cowl them and, when wanted, cover-up for them (cf. USS Liberty or, for that matter, 9/11).  Proper now there’s no one within the US political class with any probability of being elected who would dare to do something different that routinely worship something Israeli (or Jewish, for that matter).  The actual motto of the USA isn’t “In God we trust“, but “there is no light between the U.S. and Israel” (but one more reason why the USA just isn’t a actual superpower: it isn’t even actually sovereign!).
  • The Empire has some main issues in Europe.  First, ought to the Ukronazi protégés of the USA ever discover the braveness (or despair) to assault the Donbass or Russia, the ensuing chaos will flood the EU with much more refugees, many of whom can be most unsavory and outright harmful characters.  Moreover, the anti-EU emotions have gotten very robust in Italy, Hungary and, for various causes, even Poland.  France is on the sting of a civil struggle (not this time round; my feeling is that the Gilets Jaunes will ultimately run out of steam; however the subsequent time round, which can occur sooner quite than later, the explosion will in all probability outcome within the overthrow of the French CRIF-run regime and a large anti-US backlash.
  • In Latin America, the Empire has been massively profitable in overthrowing a collection of patriotic, unbiased, leaders.  However what’s lacking now’s the power to make these pro-US regimes profitable by being economically or politically viable.  Amazingly, and in spite of each a large subversion marketing campaign by the USA and main political errors, the Maduro Administration has remained in energy in Venezuela and is slowly however very resolutely making an attempt to change course and maintain Venezuela sovereign and unbiased from the USA.  The important thing drawback of the USA in Latin American is that the USA has all the time dominated through the use of a native comprador elite.  The USA has been very profitable on this effort.  However the USA has by no means succeeded in convincing the Latin American plenty of individuals of its benevolence and that is why the phrase “Yankee” stays a slur in each Latin American nation.
  • In Asia, China is providing each US colony an alternate civilizational mannequin which is turning into more and more engaging because the PRC is turning into extra economically highly effective and economically profitable.  It seems that the standard combine or vanity, hubris and ignorance which allowed the Anglo nations to dominate Asia is now dropping its energy and that the individuals of Asia are on the lookout for options.  Fact be informed – the USA has completely nothing to supply.

The underside line is that this: not solely is the USA unable to impose its will on nations that are thought-about “US allies” (if the NorthStream ever occurs – and I feel that it’ll – then it will mark the primary time that EU leaders informed the US President to get misplaced, if not in so many phrases), however the USA clearly lacks any variety of venture to supply to different nations.  Sure, “MAGA” is all nice and dandy, however it doesn’t have a lot traction with different nations who actually don’t care about MAGA…

Conclusion within the type of a Russian saying

There’s a saying in Russian “better to have an horrible end (than to have to live through) a horror with no end” (лучше ужасный конец чем ужас без конца).  There’s little or no doubt that the decline of the AngloZionist Empire will proceed in 2019.  What won’t change, nevertheless, is the power of the USA to destroy Russia in a nuclear assault.  As a result of, make no mistake, all that the brand new fancy Russian weapons present is the potential to punish (retaliate towards) the USA for an assault on Russia, however not the potential to deny (forestall) such an assault.  If the Neocons determine that a nuclear holocaust is preferable to a loss of energy within the USA, then there’s nothing anyone can do to forestall them from enjoying out their very own, sordid, model of Götterdämmerung.  I’ve just lately had to spend a few days in Boca Raton, have been a lot of that new US “aristocracy” likes to spend time and I can inform you two issues: life is sweet for them, they usually positive ain’t giving up their privileged standing as “leaders of the planet”.  And if anyone tries to take it away, there isn’t any doubt in my thoughts that these individuals will react with a vicious outburst of Samson-like despair-filled rage.  So the one query stays this: will we (mankind) give you the option to take away the nuclear button from this class of parasites with out giving them the prospect to press it or not?

I don’t know.

So, will it’s a horrible finish or a horror with no finish?

I don’t know both.

However what I do know is that the Empire is cracking in any respect its seams and that its decline will solely speed up in 2019.

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