Dude has to be the COLDEST mathematically. Some claim him to be arrogant, and conceited, but look at where he came from, and what he did to be where he is. And please also, not just listen to what you don’t like, but look at what he does.

Hard working young man. Don’t think so? Just dance in a ring for three minutes strait without even throwing a punch, let alone, taking some as well, and tell me how you feel after that strait three minutes.

Aside from that he is the promoter of his fights. Taking the middleman OUT of HIS picture. That is also NOT as easy, being a promoter myself. I KNOW the details. He has a training camp for under privileged children, and being a promoter you have no idea how many people he has to hire and does hire out of his Love for assisting others. That means some people end up having jobs that had no way in or out at times.

Aside from that look at how many fighters he does give a chance to wear the belt he does, and that can be taken from him with a slight mistake or lucky punch. He also gives the fighters that fight him some of the biggest purses they have ever fought for.

So in my book. Kid is very well rounded, and JUST having fun, and sharing the Love and wealth that is also given to him. “CHANCES MAKE CHAMPIONS”